Partners in Network links professionals together to facilitate referral based business growth. Our members develop strong long-term working relationships based on trust and proven results. PIN hosts weekly meetings where business professionals throughout the Tampa Bay area get together, promote their businesses, and provide each other with quality business referrals.

As a Partner in our Network, you will:


  • Build trusted relationships with other business professionals
  • Grow your referral base
  • Increase your brand recognition
  • Enhance your communication, speaking, and marketing skills
A proven system that gets results

The primary focus of PIN is on building relationships and supporting one another. As a result, PIN members walk away from each meeting feeling grateful to have established relationships with other professionals who act as their disciples, spreading the word about their products and services.

At PIN, we firmly believe it is more effective to have a network of respected business professionals endorsing your product or service, than to aggressively market it on your own.

Become a Member

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

In business, relationships are built on mutuality. You meet one another, plant seeds, cultivate, give and get referrals. Partners in Network helps get you in front of other like-minded business owners and professionals to become a person of value.

What Members say

We’ve got a lawyer there, we’ve got somebody doing insurance, you’ve got a doctor and even a guy who could fix your car if you met with an accident. It’s a wonderful network to have because if you have trouble with some of those things, now you know somebody personally – “boom!” you can get it taken care of.

Scott Johnson
On The Spot Lube

We have about 20 people in our chapter, so if they all know 20 people, we are going towards 400 people out, that will all have referred the business to me.

James Pinchbeck
Coldwell Banker

I’m happy to be a member of PIN. That has expanded our business. It better than advertising on TV and Radio.

Manny Polizzi
Electric Today

You can do a lot of reading, but what’s the point of reading. Go to a meeting, be a guest and see what’s that all about. That’s taking the first step.

Roger Sandoval
RS Consulting